Tuning Fork Reiki, Crystal Grids, Natural Craft Classes and more

Nurturing Space

Geopathic Stress Dowsing available $30 for consult and additional cost for cures.

Crystal Grids-$10 for consultation and additional cost for stones, crystals and grid materials dependent on stones chosen and size of grid.

Dowsing uses copper rods to detect and cure energy in the environment that are caused by disturbances to the Earth’s natural energy flow.  Disrupted energy flow can cause stress in our homes and bodies.  Dowsing can be done inside the home, office or to include surrounding property.

Crystal Grids use stones and crystals in a geometric pattern to enhance a desire intention in your home.  Whether you would like to enhance the serenity of your baby's room, support teamwork in your office or nurture prosperity and abundance in your home, crystal grids can be customized to fit your space. 

Grids range in size from desktop, to framed artwork, or loose with instruction for placement for home and property.