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Crystal Grid Resources

This is a list of supplemental resources used for Crystal Grid classes

Crystal Guide Pocket Edition is a great app for identifying and determining the crystals you will need for your project.  It runs about $4 which is much less expensive than a book and allows you to search crystals and stones by metaphysical property, ailment, geological property, zodiac or chakra. 

Flower meanings: There are a number of websites for metaphysical properties and folklore of flowers.  You can search for flowers meanings by googling "flower symbolism, metaphysical properties of flowers, meaning of flowers, flower psychometry is an example of one such site

Geometric designs

Level I and II classes used the Seed of Life which is a section of the larger Flower of Life.  This design is meant to represent Balance.

Other designs that can be used are Metatron's Cube which is a design for Creation or the Fruit of Life, Crosses, Borromean rings, Spirals, Triquetras,  or Freehand mosaics

Crystal suppliers

Doorways To...  Jamestown, ND offers a wide variety of stones and crystals that are cleansed and ready for use.


World of Gaia

and of course Mother earth :P

Pine Cone Ornament Instructions

If you have a pine tree you have pine cones which are great for winter crafts from bird seed treats, wreaths, potpourri, or these lovely ornaments.

Steps with **  ** are needed if you didn't purchase a kit.  If you have a kit skip **  ** steps.

You will need: Fast drying glue, white craft paint, paint brush, scissors, glitter, pine cone, eye screw, 1/4 inch width ribbon, clear beading thread, and clear beads.  This demo uses a tear dropped shaped bead for the end.

If you purchased a kit you will only need white craft paint, paintbrush and glue.


Step Two: While paint is still wet, sprinkle glitter onto wet paint. 

Tip: Use hair dryer to rapidly dry craft paint.

Step Three: ** Cut an eight inch length of clear beading thread**
Step Five: Bend points of bead cover inward, leaving only enough space to slip onto the tip of the pine cone.

Step Four: Lace a bead cover on clear beading thread.  Double knot thread and pull tightly against the concave side of the bead cover, leaving the length of the thread coming out the convex side.

Step Six: Dab super glue on tip of pin cone.

Step Seven: Slip bead cover over tip of pine cone and pinch snuggly.  Hold for a few seconds.

Tip: Use Hair dryer to set glue quickly.

Step Nine: Run end of thread back through second to last bead.

Step Eight: Thread beads along thread ending with tear drop shaped bead.

Step Ten: Secure bead thread by knotting just above second to last bead making sure to keep tight so there are no gaps between beads.
Step Eleven: **Cut a 16 inch length of ribbon

Step Thirteen: Screw eye screw into the top of the pine cone just off center      (The center is very hard and difficult to screw into)

Step Twelve: Thread ribbon through eye screw.

Step Fourteen: Bring ends of ribbon together and tie a bow at desired length.

Making these ornaments is fun, easy and inexpensive.  May you have a happy winter season and happy holidays.  Enjoy!

This craft is seasonally available depending on the local supply of pine cones.  Please message me if you are interested in purchasing kits or hosting a class.