Tuning Fork Reiki, Crystal Grids, Natural Craft Classes and more

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Nature Craft expresses your creativity inspired by the natural world. Ever been captivated by the beauty of nature?  Bring nature into your home.  With a touch of creativity simple stones, twigs, feathers, dried flowers, berries, bark, grains and grasses become beautiful gifts to grace any home.  Nature crafting honors the world we live in and connects us to our source.  Examples of classes include: Pysanky (Ukranian Easter Eggs), feather fans, dried flower arrangements, leaf imprints, clay beads, wind chimes, shell necklaces and more!

Take part in seasonal classes or schedule one just for you and your friends! 

Below are just some of the classes offered any time of year.  Contact me today to set up your class.


Class price starts at $65 for 5 hour course (price depending on current cost of stones)

Learn how to set up energy grids using crystals, stones and botanicals. Class participants recieve Level one and two books and all materials needed including crystals for 7 mini grids and two variations of a 9 inch grid. Learn how crystal grids can enhance any environment or energy session or make beautiful art.

               Flower Cabochons   

               Class$5/person.  Make real pressed flower cabochons!  All supplies included in class.

Several settings to choose from as well as a variety of pressed flowers.  Learn about the folklore and medicinal qualities of the flowers you choose. 

            Ukrainian Eggs   

            $5/person for a three hour class.

Learn this ancient art of using dye resist method to create gorgeous permanent dyed eggs.  Class includes handouts, step by step guides, history on symbolism of the egg design and use of studio materials (dyes, kistka, beeswax etc)

Maple Seed Dragon Fly

Class $5 and includes all supplies.  Additional kits can be ordered $2 each plus shipping

Whimsical dragon flies to perch on your finger, a potted plant or where ever you would like  hand painted maple seeds wings, faceted bead eyes and thread wrapped twigs make up this fun craft for all ages!

Vintage Art Shadow Boxes

Class $15 and includes all supplies

Additional kits can be ordered $10 each plus shipping

Choose from several vintage clip art motifs.  Learn how to layer images to create a dimensional effect and adorn with real pressed flowers and greenery.  Finish with rhinestones, lace, feathers and findings.

Sea Treasure Sun Catcher

$10 for the class

$5 for additional kits.

Sea glass, shells, beads and drift wood make this craft elegant yet simple enough for all ages to enjoy!

Rainbow Sun Catcher 

Class $15 and includes all supplies.  Additional kits can be ordered $10 each plus shipping.

Natural wood combined with acrylic beads of the colors of the rainbow.  Great for bringing balanced energy to your home.

            Pine Cone Ornaments.   

            Class $5 and includes all

            supplies.  Additional kits can be  ordered for $2 each plus shipping.


Pebble meditation

Class $10 per person

and include meditation pebble set.

Meditation Pebble Sets available $5/each plus shipping.

Inspired by Tibetan Meditation these stone sets teach you to quiet the  mind and embrace the teaching of  "Flower" "Mountain" "Still Water" and "Space"

Stones are hand painted and come with meditation guide.

Learn a meditation technique that is easy enough for even young children.

Milkweed Babies

Class $5/person and includes all the supplies needed. 

Kits available $2/each plus shipping

Adorable acorn capped wooden bead heads wrapped in natural roving and nestled in real milk weed pods. 

Flower Faery Dolls. 

Class cost $5/person and includes all the supplies needed to make one of these lovely little dolls.  A variety of artificial flower pieces and thread options.

Kits available $2 each plus shipping if applicable.